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Reviews on Josey's shows

Bronies! The Musical!
"The Incredibly versatile [JMM]"
"[McCoy has] infectious, boy-next-door charm..."
-Stage Scene LA

"Bronies!..." runs through Nov. 1, 2014

Get your tickets HERE!

The Pokemusical
"...McCoy and his enthusiasm could power multiple smart cars."

Josey received a Scenie Award for his performance as Ash in "The Pokemusical."

Floyd Collins
"McCoy has eflin appeal as cub reporter "Skeets" Miller..." 
-LA Times
"...the dynamite McCoy"
-Grigawire Reviews

Josey received an Ovation Award Nomintaion for his performance. The show received 9 total nominations.

The Pokemusical
"His face and the way it adjusts...will delightfully scare you."
-Things to Do in LA

The Pokemusical was an instant hit in Hollywood.

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